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Posted by Max from Hollywood On March - 15 - 2012

Official Twitter Account

Anderson Cooper’s official Twitter account is @andersoncooper. AC is so active on Twitter that you don’t even need to watch CNN anymore to stay up to date on the latest news!

Latest Tweets

A great new book called #WeAreEverywhere just came out. It’s an eye-opening look at #LGBTQ history. It’s moving and inspiring. I think it’s more important than ever before to know our history. @queer_history. Check it out at


He grew up in South L.A. working in his mom's beauty salon, today his work can sell for millions of dollars. "60 Minutes" interviews Mark Bradford, Sunday https://t.co/4zHsGXcPcZ

Today, Mark Bradford is one of America’s most influential artists, but did you know he didn’t sell his first painting until he was nearly 40 years old? The story behind his rise and his abstract masterpieces, tonight on 60 Minutes. https://t.co/wtfPZ76qYx

Sunday on ⁦@60Minutes⁩ we take you behind the scenes of ⁦@GameOfThrones⁩ and show you how White Walkers are made. Here is a preview https://t.co/0lLQwCC4tN

So happy to be back in #Canada for the weekend! I am speaking @CanadasNAC in #Ottawa tomorrow. If you want to come, go to https://t.co/CQj1v0DeOy. Hope to see you there!

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